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Our ACC Women's Basketball 2014 Annual including a 2013-2014 site membership to is now available for preorder for just $6.95!

Our full-color Annual edition will provide in-depth analysis of each of the ACC's 15 team 2014 lineup. Written by Rob Clough and edited by Orin Day, we bring a combined four decades of experience covering the ACC. The Annual will be illustrated with nearly 100 of Orin's best photos of ACC players and coaches. Each team section consists of a 2013 recap, roster analysis, 2013-2014 outlook, schedule, and "The Big Question" feature. We'll also include ACC Flashbacks to 1994, 1999, and 2004. We anticipate that the 2014 edition will be available on or around December 8, 2013 with over 70 pages of all-new content! A sample of last year's edition is available below.

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